Personal fitness

I dedicated most of 2020 to getting fit (by my standards). I was home a lot due to the pandemic, we were living in a hilly neighborhood outside of Austin, and I rediscovered my childhood love of cycling. I got a set of weights and bench for the garage. I got into the best shape of the past decade. I felt great.

But I let things slide in 2021. Following the Texas freeze we had to move out of our rental. We bought a house. We moved (again). We visited a lot of Hill Country breweries. We spent a month in Europe with family we hadn't seen in 18 months.

I've committed to getting back into it in 2022. I'm using Strava as before and am down about 30% both in FTP and in my PRs. But then I'm a middle-aged dude who wants to be around for his three young daughters, not Fiona Kolbinger.

My personal stretch goal for this year is ~5,000 kilometers. I'd be happy with 70-80% of that. I'd like to do 100 km weeks when I'm not traveling. To any semi-serious cyclist, that's not a lot. But it is pretty big for me. I got to 96 km last week.

Here's this week so far. I will write an update every month or so to see where I'm at.

Strava goals