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The unexamined life

The unexamined life
Photo by guille pozzi / Unsplash

What are you really, truly scared of?

Once you discard the assumptions, interpretations, limiting beliefs you hold? Deep in the darkest of nights, what is your nightmare? Your deepest fear? What is your gremlin?

To be hurting, ill, poor, ridiculed, outcast, cold, alone? To lose all you have? The death of your children, spouse, parents? The spectre of famine, violence, war, death?

And then, when you wake up in the morning, what are your deepest desires? Money? Fame? Possessions? Food? Lust? Status? Family?

Figure out those two with a radical honesty and you have understood yourself.

Then, ask: what should you want? To what end should you order your life? And if you did so, would you still have to be afraid?